Tuesday, April 3, 2012

sprinkler & water table

The other day when we went to Toys R Us I picked up Kane a sprinkler and a new water table. The one he got last year had missing parts. Not sure if our yard guys got them mixed up with our leaves or if our crazy birds snatched them up. Either way, he got a newer and better one.

The first day we got the sprinkler, he was a little skeptical of it and kept his distance.

My little watermelon lovin' baby.

He kept looking at his tummy wondering what was so cold.

If you want a water table, this is the one to get. He absolutely loves it!

He now opens the fridge and freezer and helps himself to just about anything. As you can tell, he grabbed an orange popsicle and ate it when he was done with his watermelon.

And drum roll please.... our pesky bird friends are back. Instead of two like last year, there are now three. They have made a nest in one of our trees again and reminds us of that quite often with their massive poops. If you come over, consider this your warning. HA!

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