Tuesday, April 3, 2012

water wall and feeding ducks

Ashley called me the other day and asked if we had ever taken Kane to the water wall by the Galleria. Even though we are only 5 minutes away it never occurred to me. I have memories of going there myself when I was little, so I knew we had to take Kane.

It is so pretty up close. Unfortunately, Kane was terrified of it. He wanted nothing to do with being inside.

Little booger hates posing for pictures!

Directly across from it is the Williams Tower.

Michael tried to get Kane to look at the very top

Next, we walked across the street to the pond to feed the ducks. There were tons of them, so I'm glad we brought enough bread.

Kane got the biggest kick out of the baby ducks!

A little too close for comfort in my opinion.

So many cute babies.


That evening we met up with Michael's family at the Racquet Club for our weekly dinner.

Kane has very expensive taste apparently. He wanted to wear Aunt Ashley's Cartier watch during dinner. A little too expensive for us to replace if he broke it! ha! Maybe the Easter bunny will bring him a watch of his very own!

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