Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sugar Land Airport

I have been wanting to take Kane to the Sugar Land Airport for as long as I can remember. We finally decided that this weekend was the perfect time. The weather was beautiful, so there were a ton of planes taking off and landing. 

The airport itself was gorgeous. There were a couple gated patios with chairs and tables that you could use. They had a mini cafeteria inside in case you wanted snacks.

They had multiple planes parked right in front of the patios. This particular plane was getting ready to take off.

 LuLu tagged along with us for the afternoon.

There was a huge gated park a mile or so away from the airport. Can we say PERFECT place for an airplane themed birthday party! I am defiantly reconsidering Kane's 3rd birthday party theme. Already called the airport to make sure it can be rented out and decorated! Best part about it... you can use it for free!

On the far side of the park is a huge gazebo... perfect for setting up party tables! 
The runway is located right by the park so you get a great view of the planes taking off and landing.

Kane was running around pretending to be a plane!

 There were multiple picnic tables and grills all over the park that you can use too.

 After a great afternoon at the airport we headed to BJ's for some lunch. Kane took it upon himself to eat all of our fries!

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