Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Blake's train party

Kane's friend Blake turned 2 the other week and invited us to his adorable train party. His mom surprised all the kids by having a train come by for a little bit. 

All the kids waiting to take a ride

Kane checking out the train

At first Kane was so excited to take a ride!

But as soon as we took off, he lost it! Screaming uncontrollably! Poor kid hated the train! I was in shock and certain CPS would be knocking on my door later that night.

Broke my heart to see him so upset.

Thankfully, we came across a tractor in a empty lot and he calmed down.

He was traumatized. ha! 

Back at Blake's house there was also a moonwalk. For some reason, Kane was afraid of that too. We think he was just not feeling well that day because he passed on cake too. So unlike him!

He opted to quietly play with Blake's trains instead.

Sweet Blake getting ready to blow out his candles.

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