Monday, May 7, 2012

50 sucks

Last Friday my stepdad turned 50! 
My sisters and I have been planning his party for what seems like forever! We had lots of surprises up our sleeves... starting with Krista flying in from Virginia! We surprised him at work on Friday and took him to lunch at Escalante's. 

My stepdad with his 2 daughters... Krista and Melanie

Saturday afternoon we met at my mom's house while he was away and started decorating for his big surprise party! We made him this gift basket complete with an Apple TV

His next door neighbor made him this one

Lots of suckers for lots of kids!

He was so surprised when he walked in!

The kids bagged up some of the confetti and kept jumping out at random times to surprise others... they thought it was hysterical!

For his last surprise, we had his siblings fly in for his party. It was possibly the sweetest sight ever to see how excited he was to have them there. 

Aunt Krista and Kane

haha! best shirt ever!

Krista and I took on the task of emailing 50 people from his past and asking them to send us a memory that they had of him. It was more difficult to get all this organized than we ever imagined, but SO worth it! 
(idea from Pinterest)

Melanie handing him the letters. He was so touched that people took the time to do this just for him.

 Love and appreciate him more than he knows!

I am pretty sure the bakery misunderstood how many people we needed to feed! ha! So much cake!

Melanie insisted that he blow out 50 candles, so he recruited all the grandchildren to help him.

 While assisting in blowing out the candles Kane helped himself to a big chunk of cake! oops! 

 After cake we all sat down to watch a slideshow that Melanie put together.

 Krista, Kane and Cadyn

Kylie and Krista

pretty positive Kane helped himself to enough suckers to make MY stomach hurt

My mom and her best friend. They have been BFFs since they were 6 years old.

 my sweet grandmother

Scott and his siblings

My blue eyed girls!

Once the party died down, we all went outside so the guys could race their cars.

We had the best time planning Scott's 50th birthday party! So glad we were able to pull it all off!

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