Friday, May 4, 2012

volunteering at school

The other morning my brother called me in a panic... he signed up to volunteer for Kylie's class activity and could not make it. Kane and I had a hour to dress and make it there, but we did with a few minutes to spare!

Sweet Kylie was so surprised and happy to see us there! She immediately made room for Kane in her chair and they listened to her teacher's directions together.

My little boy jumped right in like he was a big 1st grader!

waiting for Kylie's teacher to put all the kids in groups

Kylie asked her teacher if Kane could be in her group.... sweetest cousin ever!

In the madness to get to her school in time, we did not have time to stop and grab her a hot lunch. Sweet girl still asked that we stay and sit next to her.

 Our impromptu trip turned out to be a lot of fun! I am so glad I am available to spend extra time with my nieces. Every extra minute is a huge blessing!

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