Thursday, May 3, 2012

you jump, I jump!

Chelsea invited us over to her MIL's house yesterday afternoon for a swim party.
 Kane has not been swimming yet this year, but he took to it in no time! We had such a great time playing and talking with good friends.

Kane played on Amberly's tricycle before we got in the water

Amberly is a fish! She jumps right in without any hesitation!

We brought along our bubble machine so the kids could play with it.

Amberly and Violet

Sweetest little girls!

Amberly gets major air when she jumps!

We had to convince Kane to jump in at first... "Kane, watch Ambs"! ha! It worked like a charm though!

pretty little lady!

matching floaties for K and A

Kane LOVED jumping to his Aunt Chelsea!

She was the best aunt and let him jump to her time and time again!

I loved watching the two of them together...Kane had so much fun!

Grandma Devoni was the best swim coach to these little swimmers. She worked with them in the deep end and tried to teach them how to kick. 

She also served the kids fruit and popsicles! She surely knows the way to Kane's heart!

Kane and I had the best time and can not wait to go back and swim some more!

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  1. Was such a fun fun day! Can't wait to do it again soon!


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