Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kane's BIG Boy Room

Kane's big boy room is finally complete! I went with an airplane theme, so he can have this room for quite a few years... or until I get tired of it! ha! I love how it all turned out and I think Kane does too. He makes sure every visitor sees his new room. I could not have done all this without the help of my SIL or friends. I know they got tired of me sending them different pictures and picking their brains!

I had an artist on Etsy personalize these two prints for Kane. 
The red one has a "K" on it and the yellow one has his birthday month and day. 

This shelf is my favorite! My dad gave me that Pooh bear when I turned 16 and got my first car (did he baby me, or what?!). He always joked that he was my co-pilot. Such a perfect finishing touch.

 Kane's giant paper airplanes.

I love Kane's little dress-up area!

Found this compass at Hobby Lobby and fell in love with it. 
(promise it's not dusty. I tried wiping it off a million times)

Sweet little guy wanted me to take his picture too!

Love this monkey! My grandma gave it to me at one of my baby showers.

The growth chart I made for Kane. 

 His bedroom would not be complete without these awesome airplane sheets!

 Kane getting prepped for his first night in his new room!

We have been lucky that the transition has been so easy for us. Sweet angel never tries to climb out of bed or leave his room. He always calls for us when he wakes up. 

Thank you so much Stephanie for making the valance! I LOVE it!
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