Wednesday, October 7, 2009

34 Week Update

Today when I got to work a lady I work with mentioned that Kane looks like he dropped since yesterday!!!! I asked my doctor during my appointment what that meant but she said it doesn't necessarily mean anything. BOO! He is just getting into position for the big day. She took measurements of Kane and he measured in at 33 weeks. It doesn't mean that he will be small bc he is within 2 cm of my pregnancy week. I asked her about a c-section and she said no way! I was hoping she would be like my friend Chelsea's doctor and let me have a c-section or induce me when I get closer to 40 weeks but she is all about letting him come when he is ready. So I guess it's just a waiting game now.

I have gained a total of 30 pounds and my belly is now 41" a round!

When I got home there were 2 packages waiting for me but neither were his bedding.

We got in a night light I ordered...

And I spoiled myself and ordered a funky Mia Bossi diaper bag, so cute in person! It has gold threads throughout the bag.

However, considering that I got a fabulous diaper bag at my last shower and a tote I ordered months ago that I could not return, I now have 3 diaper bags!! Not my intentions but just how it worked out. I have tried to sell my Tory Burch tote on ebay but I have had no success. I'm sure it will come in handy one day! At least I have variety, right?

My awesome bag from Holly and Abby!

And my Audrie tote from Tory Burch

I keep on forgetting to post the pics of Kane's new coming home outfit, so here it is...
I love the fact that our little bundle of joy will be in this soon!

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  1. I can't believe yall are going to have little bebes!! So exciting!!

    PS- the UPCLOSE Mag that you're on the back cover of is sitting up at my school in the teacher lounge :) I bragged and said I knew that gorgeous little nurse on the back lol!

  2. I have the same Mia Bossi bag... in Tangerine, love it! Super cute nightlight-- love that! And... how much did you list your TB bag for? I love it.


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