Friday, October 9, 2009

Things I Love As A Mom 2 Be

There are so many things that I have found lately that I am in love with so I thought I would share them with you...

- Heartbeat Lamb; it makes heartbeat noises along with other calming sounds. My favorite and reason I picked this lamb is that it makes whale noises. It reminds me of my dad because he would always listen to whales when he went to bed. The heartbeat noise is perfect for new babies because its a noise they are so familiar with and it comforts them.

- A nifty cd player I found that attaches to the bed. Perfect for his baby einstein cds!

- Gap baby socks. So soft and thick. My niece Cadyn had a hair tourniquet on her toe when she was only 2 weeks old and we rushed her to the ER because her toe turned blue. Come to find out it was from a thread inside of her sock. So no cheap socks for this baby!

- Gap pjs... I love any kind of little kid pjs but the gap ones are adorable and so soft! If your lucky you can find them on sale.

- Gymboree blankets... softest blankets you can find and perfect size/thickness! Gymboree has the most adorable everything! Especially for little girls. Or haute baby has the same type of blankets.

- Haute baby clothing! So cute for girls or boys! We have a few pieces that I love!

- Doodles in Rice Village- They have the best clothing and accessories for babies. I could spend forever in there (and all my money too!)

- Nuby bottles. Brand new on the market so not sure how little one will feel about them but they caught my eye! I like how the nipples are an easy transition for babies, gives those daddies a chance to feed and bond with the babies and they reduce the amount of air your baby takes in.

- Burp cloths from Baby's 1st Furniture. A little twist on the normal burp cloth and OMG soft!

- Bibs from a lady on eBay- I have one but I will defiantly order more at only $10 each and free shipping! You pick your own colors and fabrics!

- Ralph Lauren monogrammed clothing. You can monogram some of their outfits and pick colors/ thread colors. Such a cute idea! They have the cutest clothes and you can usually find them on sale! Here you can preview your outfit on this adorable little boy before you buy...

Then if you like it, you order it and have it for your own little cutie!

- Window clings for the car ride home from the hospital! Obnoxious I know but so cute! If you saw somebody with these wouldn't it make you smile knowing they have a new baby? BTW I wouldn't use the flag... its a bit of a over kill! LOL But I'm not sure if Michael will let me in the car if I try to put them on! Guess we will see! HA

BTW... Still NO bedding!!!! UGH! I knew it wasn't a good idea when the lady said she was mailing it USPS!

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