Tuesday, May 31, 2011

crafts and "shopping spree"

My current favorites on pinterest are...

Giant monogram for outside... note to self keep a large box to make one of these bad boys.

These are the exact rods I blogged about last week from Ikea. So glad to see that they WILL work!
NEED to make this on a smaller scale for this 4th. If you know anything about me, it's that I love using Kane's prints when we do crafts.

Kane and I had a mini, cheap shopping spree this past Friday.

Got the supplies and made him this shirt...

We stocked up on plates and bowls for Kane to use. (4 for $1, I think so!)

I saw these and instantly knew that we have to get a mini picnic table for our backyard.

Perfect for "farm day"! At only a $1 a piece it would be a crime not to. Need to call the fam in Bay City and set something up asap.

I'm obsessed with anything "mini" or "jumbo" so when I saw these I had to get them.

Which reminded me that I saw this shirt a few weeks back... made a quick call and found out it was on clearance for $5 so we went and picked it up!

I saw these on Quinn Poe from The poe fam blog and loved them instantly. So when I ran across them for $5 a piece they had to be mine! Especially the Popeye one, my dad used to always make a reference to him when I was little. :)

Remember the outdoor movie night I talked about last week? After a quick call to my brother the movie date is set. I saw these in the dollar bin at Target and thought they would be perfect.

I also made Kane this shirt that he wore to the park Sunday morning.

obsessed with this sweet smile-

So many other things to blog about... stay tuned!


  1. yay! Can't wait for the movie date! And I have a picnic basket we can use! I love how I am inviting myself to all of your things lol

  2. I love that American flag! Kane's park tshirt turned out too cute, good job! I have been trying to resist those $1 popcorn containers for over a month. I have no need for them now but I know they would be great to have in the future. I may have to snag them if they are still at my Target.

  3. I love all of his tees! I *need* that S'Mores Shirt! It's the cutest thing. My boys have those navy & white checkered shorts & wear them all the time, they are great. Praying for your family today as you remember your dad. I hope it's a day filled with great memories.

  4. hello! where did you happen to find those adorable popeye and charlie brown shirts for $5? : )


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