Friday, May 27, 2011

car seat checkup at the fire station

This past week I started our check list before we hit the road for our 17 hour drive home.

New wiper blades (because this horrible weather wore those suckers out!)

oil change

tire inspection/balance/rotation

and we had an appointment for Kane's car seat to be checked.

I have always had them installed/checked at baby stores but recently the store near us closed so we made an appointment with the fire department. I had no idea they would make us pull into the garage and we would see firetrucks! I just assumed they would do it in the parking lot. It worked out quite nicely because I had blogged about wanting to take Kane to a fire station anyways for a tour. Although, we weren't given a full tour this time, Kane got to check the "vroom-vroom" out.

At first he was afraid of it, he just stood there and yelled at it!

he paced back and forth before going up to it

he finally got a little closer

and ran back!

This is him saying "vroom" and "steering"! lol, he is so funny!

please ignore the reflection of my legs! I need a tan!

Kane checking out the wheel

"wow, that thing is huge!"

The fireman needed to check the seat from the other side so Kane assisted him. Such a good helper!

I wanted to put him on the bumper to take a quick pic but I didn't want the fireman to get mad.

We made it home just in time for this nasty storm.

I took Kane outside to see the "wa-wa" when it started raining.

I have read a few blogs recently about having outdoor movie parties. I think they look like so much fun and I would love to start doing this in the summer. I just need to find a projector and speakers. I know my brother has both in his theatre room... i wonder if he will let me borrow them if I invite his girls for a sleepover?

3 weeks to the day :)

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  1. Kane is so cute and looks like the fire station was a hit! Good luck on your driving adventure home, that is one long drive!!!


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