Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day fun

Sunday, Michael was post-call and not sleepy so we went downtown and met up with some of the other residents for the "taste of Cincinnati". It was a lot of fun but it was so crowded and hot we couldn't stay long. Poor Kane was miserable. 60 restaurants from Cincinnati/Kentucky had booths that you could buy mini dishes from. I got a little something from the Melting Pot and Michael got fish tacos from a Mexican restaurant. We really wanted a funnel cake but the booth was on the opposite end and fighting the crowd was just not worth it. Actually, I thought it was totally worth it but Kane started screaming.

As we were walking back to the car I asked Michael to take a picture of Kane and I so we had proof that we were there! Can you tell he was DONE!

Monday afternoon after the butterfly museum we decided to go swimming for a little bit... get ready for picture overload!

Kane laughing at the older kids splashing in the water.


I love his exaggerated laugh!

handsome boy!

I could just eat him up!

The water was FREEZING! You would of thought I learned my lesson yesterday but I took him back to the pool today. Kane refused to get in it was so cold!

Summer pictures are my favorite so be ready for lots of blog posts!

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