Thursday, June 2, 2011

cars movie date

This past weekend we had a mini movie date. I didn't go crazy because most of my supplies are packed up but Kane enjoyed the movie and that's all that matters!

Since Cars 2 is about to come out, the stores have an abundance of Cars merchandise so it worked out perfectly!

No one was allowed without their movie pass.
I made Kane this shirt... questionable I know. It did not come out like I had envisioned. I'm almost ashamed to show it to you. It was supposed to be car tracks but something went terribly wrong. Good thing this little cutie can pull anything off!

Kane had wagon "wheels" as a side dish.

He had a fun activity that I tried to not take over. ha! I love coloring! Lets just say I was showing him how to stay in the lines.

I even let him have a tire for dessert.

Kane and I grabbed 2 empty boxes and made our own little cars.


Can't beat front row seats!

Michael would have gotten a car too but he wouldn't fit into any of the boxes.

While I was searching the boys section at Target (for a Thomas the train shirt), I found myself a Cars shirt.

Happy Thursday! We are busy packing!


  1. SO cute! You in a box is so funny! LOL

  2. Once again, your creativity astounds me! Kane is one lucky guy to have you as his mommy!

  3. Carson would have been in heaven at your Cars party! As you know, he's quite the enthusiast. Super cute ideas! We have the plates and cups from the dollar bin... love your "tires" and "wagon wheels"-- and the Old Navy today was so cute. Fun stuff! We're having a Cars 2 Movie night, I can't remember when you get back or if you'd care to come, but if so, email me or text me and I'll send you the Evite.


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