Friday, June 3, 2011

Our week

Here is a little recap of this past week with the Miranda family.

Michael brought home an ipad yesterday and was showing Kane different games on it. I was a little skeptical at first, but I think it will be a great help on our drive to Houston.

Love my boys to pieces!
I am thinking about taking Kane to see Cars 2 when it comes out. Am I crazy? I don't have very high expectations that he can sit still for 2 hours but we shall see.
Pretty sure I will be the dorkiest mom in the theatre wearing a Cars shirt with my son!

We received the "Y" for Kane's alphabet wall. The big "A" and "Z" are going to be in Houston when we get there. I think I am more excited about putting his playroom together than any other room!

Kane and I were cleaning out closets the other day when we stumbled upon his jumperoo. We decided to take a break and put it back together for a good laugh. It warmed my heart to hear the music playing again... hint, hint Michael! We made Texas pop tarts. Yee Haw!

Last shopping trip to Costco


  1. Haha I loved your subtle hint to the hubs! You definitely need a new baby to go with this new chapter of life in Texas :) I am sure Kane will love the ipad! One of the two-year-olds in my preschool class got one for Christmas and his parents said it was worth every penny. I've already told Kyle that Annabelle will be hijacking his in a few years!

  2. We are ordering an iPad for our vacations this summer to keep Connor content. Pass on any great apps that you know of!


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