Wednesday, June 8, 2011

take me out to the ball game

Like most boy dads, my husband wants to visit all the stadiums in the US with Kane. We decided since we are here we might as well cross the Cincinnati stadium off their list. While Michael was at work Kane and I baked baseball cupcakes (again) and we went and bought a baseball balloon. Sadly, somewhere between Party City, the store and home we lost it. Not sure when it escaped but it was gone.

Dinner and cupcakes were served on baseball plates and napkins... of course.

walking up to the stadium
We decided to get standing tickets since we knew Kane wouldn't sit still. Great choice on our end!

Kane loved the crowd and fit right in.

The standing section was so close to the field, couldn't have gotten a better view!

When the crowd started clapping and yelling, so did Kane!

We even got him a first game certificate. I spelled his name out for the crazy guy and he still spelled it wrong!

He loved standing under the misters. He was soaked by the time we left the game.

I made Kane his very first baseball bracelet for the game.

I could not believe he wore the bracelet the whole time. I figured he would have yanked it off, but he didn't!

The stadium is right on the Ohio River so there are spots were you can stop and watch the boats.

Such a gorgeous view!

My all time favorite picture! That sweet baby face melts my heart!

They had so many activities for kids. There were games to test how fast you could throw a ball, hit a ball and run the bases.

I only got pictures of kids running the length of the bases.

He got the biggest laugh out of watching the kids run. I wanted to let him run it but I was afraid he would take way too long and that the older kids would get mad.

We had so much fun at the game and I'm so glad we decided to squeeze it in before we move.


  1. So cute ~~< our third was a boy after having two precious girls and yes I'm sure we'll be visiting some ballparks too;)))

  2. oh so cute and such a fun day!!!


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