Thursday, June 9, 2011

All Aboard!

This past weekend Kane and I had tickets to a Day Out with Thomas but we did not make it. We were so excited to go but it seemed like at the last minute everything fell apart. The railroad station was in Kentucky so it was a 2 hour drive each way, our stroller broke and wouldn't unfold, it was raining in Cincinnati when we woke up and Kane had a slight fever. I am never one to back down when it comes to flying solo with Kane (I have gotten so used to it this past year it just seems natural) but Saturday morning was too much for even me. I had Kane's outfit out and ready to go the night before. I was so disappointed I wanted to cry, but after a quick call to Chelsea we decided we would go together when Thomas goes to Austin.

I ordered this shirt months in advance... I hope it still fits come September.
Kane loves trains and I felt really bad for not taking him, so Tuesday we went here...
The exhibit was HUGE! Kane was jumping from one thing to the next so fast I never got a good picture of him.

This was part of one exhibit

This one had real water.

They also had a toddler play area...

There were buttons for the kids to press that made the trains move and make noises.

What train exhibit would be complete without a train table and Thomas playing 24/7?

K putting coal into the burner

In the back there was a Thomas train that you could ride.

Kane and I taking a ride

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