Tuesday, May 31, 2011

the very hungry caterpillar

Monday, Michael and I got a big surprise... he had the whole day off! We were shocked! I instantly had our whole day planned!

Kane and I read "The very hungry caterpillar" last week and I had planned to take him to the butterfly exhibit later this week for our "event day". However, we quickly rearranged things so Michael could go with us! (thanks chelsea for the rec!)

We started the day with caterpillar pancakes
a little coloring project

and then we were off!

This is what we saw when we arrived! It was such a beautiful tribute. The whole fire department was there teaching kids how to "stop, drop and roll", letting them try on their gear and putting on a puppet show. It was so hot outside that we decided to skip that and continue inside.

Not sure how this picture made it on the blog... where are the butterflies?

Kane loved seeing all the butterflies... Michael, not so much. He was afraid of them. ha!!! Sorry M, love you!

whew! look at that crazy hair! A little gel, a little sweat and who knows what it will look like!

I made his shirt a few days ago but was putting off the feet and nose until the last minute. Our spontaneous trip caught me off guard... oops!

sweet babe watching the butterflies

"dis, dis, dis" is what he kept saying when he saw a butterfly.

my sweet love bug

it was so pretty!

At the very end there was a display of wind chimes that Kane got a kick out of.


  1. Connor LOVES wind chimes! We have some right in front of our door and when I get him out of the car he instantly points to them. If we are at other places and he hears them, he has to go make them chime. BTW, where do you find the basic color shirts for Kane? I need some for Connor's plaid shorts but can't find any anywhere.

  2. We've been wanting to take Belle to the butterfly exhibit in Houston! Looks like so much fun...But I'm with Michael I don't want the butterflies landing on me either!! haha... Love the last pics of you and Kane, so cute.

  3. So glad he liked it! Hilarious about Michael! K's caterpillar shirt is so cute! U need to teach me how to make those felt shirts.


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