Wednesday, December 21, 2011

christmas playdate

Kane and I hosted a Christmas play-date at our house this week. We had lots of treats and crafts for the kids.

Ambs and Kane checking out all the goodies.

I printed out these cute cards as a party favor.

The bags were filled with oatmeal, glitter and for any reindeer.
We had these cute water bottles for the mamas

and a Santa belly full of fruit for the kids.
Kane and I made these adorable marshmallow snowmen the night before the party. They were "melting"right before our eyes.

My favorite thing were the snowmen milk cups. I got the idea from a punchbowl I saw on Pinterest. We also had Christmas trees and gingerbread men for the kids to ice and decorate.

There were also reindeer ornaments for the kids to make.
Sweet Amberly and Kane kept eating the "Christmas trees" before the other kids arrived.

Baby Brody

Gingerbread decorating
Thanks Kristina for your help!

Notice the bananas and apples on their balanced out all the sugar, right? ha!

Icing the Christmas trees
Thanks Melissa!
Bella trying out her cookie!

Cookies and milk= perfection!
"show me your teeth!"- only way Kane will smile for a picture!

haha! love this smile!

The big girls took turns pushing Ambs in the swing. It was a miracle her sweets didn't come right back up!

My grandmother got Kane all these "wonderful" singing animals that the kids loved!

Caden playing golf with the soccer ball.

Ambs catching bugs

such a handsome boy!

Love this sweet boy more than words!

Kane showing his friends his train


  1. LOVED this post!!!!! Ambs had so much fun! xo

  2. You are just too amazing for words. I wish I was a kid again!


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