Wednesday, December 21, 2011

string christmas

This year my grandparents hosted string Christmas. My grandma has always done something unique for Christmas, but it has been a long time since she's done this. My brother and I met at her house early Sunday morning to help set up and learn how she does it.

First, we assigned a different color yarn to each child participating.
Count them... 10 kids. My family is expanding faster than my wallet! ha!

My brother and I divided up the yarn- we each got 5 kids. We started from the same point on the walkway and just went crazy. We had yarn going through 4 rooms upstairs, the living room and entryway downstairs. Whew. It was exhausting.

Each kid had 5 string gifts, so we had to make sure the string touched down on at least 5 spots. For the older kids, the trickier the better... on top of tall furniture, fans etc. As we went, we were literally sweating. We had to climb over and under string all morning. We felt like robbers dodging lasers. ha!

Once we were done, we went home and got our families.

My two guys excited to see everything!

As part of tradition, every guest got a bell necklace.

The kids seeing it for the first time. Kane kept saying "mess"!

All the kids standing by their string colors.

Let the games begin!

My grown-up boy looking at all the past Christmas pictures.

Caught him mid-sniffle!

Playing with his new toys

precious girls!

My little love!

She was so excited to show me how she can read now.

sisterly love

Kane asked Chloe to read him a book.

love these sweet cousins

Kane showing Michael his new toy
Ashlyn and Brooke

Kane and Landon

Kane laughing at Ashlyn flipping her hair

Sweetest little kids

After the party, we all went on a hayride through the neighborhood. There was so many of us that we got our own trailer.

My mom and Kane

My precious family

Love us!

My brother, Sarah and Chloe

Nothing is more special than making memories with the ones you love!


  1. Oh my word, how fun!! And just saw your pics from Kane's 2nd birthday - AMAZING!!! I can't wait to throw a superhero party for Becket some day. Love the whole theme!

  2. The string thing is the cutest idea ever! Looks like SO much fun!!!!


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